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New .300 AAC Blackout rifles

The relatively new .300 AAC¬†Blackout cartridge has become very popular, especially in the USA. The round was designed to give similar power to the 7.62x39mm round, but still fit in an AR-15 magazine, the solution was to neck a .223 case up to .30 calibre. This means that the .300 Blackout can be loaded into any AR-15 .223 magazine, with the bolt face and receiver being the same, .300 Blackout uppers are available for most AR’s. The .300 Blackout has become famous for being one of the few centrefire rifle rounds that is availablesubsonic from the factory, meaning when fired through a suppressor the noise is almost non-existent. These subsonic loads are very effective at close range, with trajectory and energy almost identical to the .45 ACP pistol round, while the high-velocity ones are more powerful and flatter shooting than 7.62x39mm rounds, approaching light .30-30 loads. We now have .300 Blackout rifles in stock, with more rifles and ammo on the way, watch this space. More info on this cartridge
Below: three .300 Blackout rounds, a .223 and a 7.62x39mm.

The CVA Scout has proved a popular selling rifle, and now we have them in stock chambered in .300 Blackout, blued, with a synthetic stock and threaded for a suppressor, scope mounts are also included. We will have Ruger rifles in .300 Blackout arriving soon and Remington ones available shortly.
The NZ Salmon Anglers Fishing Competition is coming up on the 28th of Feb and 1st of March. Entries are still available through us at the shop, this should be a good season for it.
The Roar is fast approaching and we still have a great deal on new Browning X-Bolt rifles; at $1499 we reckon we have the best price in the country for a new synthetic stainless X-Bolt. For more info check out ourwebsite
Cicadas are hatching right now, and recently fly fishermen have been having a lot of luck with cicada pattern flies as a result. Flies like the one pictured above are available here in the shop, regular flies are $2.80 each but be sure to check out our $1 flies on special. Selwyn caught a few fish near Mavora recently using flies like the above.


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