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Winter deals and ducks

With winter on many people’s minds, we are selling a lot of waterproof clothing and thermal gear, as well as the ever-popular Yaktrax. In two weeks we will be at the winter Forbury Sports Sale running from July 2nd-5th, keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info.

Best second-hand gun deal: Tikka M595 in .308. Very good condition, and older model of Tikka, preferred over the T3 by many, complete with Bushnell scope, $1100. More info here

Despite being later in the season, Tristan and Dick went duck-shooting again last weekend, and between the two of them and a mate, managed to bag 50 ducks. Tristan (pictured in the new Veil camo) ran out of ammo during shooting and was unable to use anyone else’s, as he was the only one with a 20 gauge. Lessons learned; 1: you can never have too much ammo, and 2: pick a calibre that is widely available, so you can borrow from your mates.
We have in store the reprint of the great heli-hunting novel Hawks, which sold out in 1998. A great story on the venison wars in Fiordland. We have autographed copies in store.
The Ridgeline Monsoon jackets are proving very popular as temperatures continue to drop, especially after recent Dunedin rainfall. Fortunately we have plenty of these jackets left and they will remain at the special price of $160, down from $259.99. The Monsoon jacket is waterproof and seam-sealed, meaning they do not leak where the material is joined, as other ‘waterproof’ jackets will.
We now have a range of SOG knives, including spring assisted folding knives and revolving ones with two blades back to back. All SOG knives that are currently in stock are half price, and the ones that don’t sell here in the shop will be out at the next Forbury Sale.
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