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Skip from Skip’s Original Products came up with the clever Toobies Shot System Kit. Just cut of small piece of plastic tubing included with this Kit, thread it on your leader and insert the shot either by hand or with the special applicator tool that holds the magnetic shot in place so you’re not likely to drop them. The two sizes of shot included with each kit are non-corrosive, 100% environmentally safe, and will not damage your leader like regular split shot. These shot are about 6% denser than lead, so they get your fly down faster to the strike zone. Once the shot are in the plastic tube, they are held in place as the tube is adjusted up or down the leader.

Completely reusable, over and over again.

2 Kit sizes to chose from:
•Kit #1 – Shot size 6 & 9, Use for Trout and smaller fish
•Kit #2 – Shot size 2 & 4, Use for larger fish or getting deeper faster

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