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  • Fishing in Otago harbour

    Kingfish and salmon

    We have sold a lot of gear for fishing in the harbour recently, many customers have been having success catching kahawai, salmon and even kingfish. It is abnormal for kingfish to be seen this far south, due to our colder weather, and it may be because of our hot summer that we are seeing them now. For those not familiar with the kingfish (pictured); the minimum legal length is 75cm, and they are often sought for a good fight as a game fish. The kingfish can often be found around obstacles, such as beacons, lying in wait for their prey, as they are ambush predators. A customer reported a 95cm kingfish being caught in the harbour a few days ago, so there are certainly some good specimens in there. Our friends at the Salmon Anglers Association have also said that we will likely have more salmon coming into the harbour when it cools down a little; they are probably hanging around just off the coast at this point, but plenty have still been caught off the wharves.

      The New Zealand Salmon Anglers Association Otago branch are running their annual salmon fishing competition over the weekend of 28th Feb & 1st March. They have been running these competitions for about 30 years and this year will be as big as ever, with a total of $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Entry fees are $20 for NZSA members and $30 for other adults, children $5, entry tickets will be available here in the shop from next week. We are proud to support the competition and we are looking forward to seeing what gets caught this year. Be sure to stock up on tackle and gear, whether you are looking to enter the competition or not, we have plenty of lures, bait, rods, reels and line.
    Okan Sabiki rigs are the best jigs for catching sprats, the best bait for salmon. We have plenty in stock, as well as frozen anchovies, and both frozen and freeze-dried squid.
    Duck shooting is fast approaching. Don’t be one of those people that gets out on opening morning to find their old shotgun has jammed up with rust, or that their new one still has the magazine pinned to two rounds. Get out there early and make sure everything works as it should and that you are familiar with your shotgun. Checking how your gun patterns and practising on some clays goes a long way towards a successful opening day. Mention this ad and get $5 off a box of 150 EuroTarget clays* (normally $40), also, check out our range of shotguns in store, or here
    Shimano Waxwings (pictured above) are very popular lures for salmon, available from $27.90, we also have 28 gram Tobys for $7.90, D.A.M. spinners from $8.90, hexagon wobblers from $4.80 and kits set up for salmon fishing off the wharf for $15. These kits have a float, sinkers, hooks, line and swivels; all rigged up and ready for your rod.
    If you have any questions about fishing in the harbour, or want to boast about your latest catch, come in and see us.
    Until then, we wish you warm barrels, full freezers, and tight lines
  • New Browning X-Bolt .243

    We have a new .243 Browning X-bolt in the rack, and at $1499, we reckon our price is the best in the country. The Browning X-bolt is a high end hunting rifle, similar to the A-bolt but with some improvements. This rifle is stainless,  and has the Birds-eye synthetic stock, which usually costs more than the regular synthetic stock, but you will be hard pressed to find a new Browning X-bolt at a better price, regardless what kind of stock it has. Price includes the bases. Here’s a link to the Browning website with an overview of the features of these rifles:

  • Fly reels on sale

    We have some great fly reel specials on, just in time for Christmas; the Riverworks C2 #5/6 fly reel, was $150 now only $75, and the Fly Master Glide #5/6, was $80, now just $50. We have plenty of other fly fishing gear discounted for the Christmas period; lines, reels, rods and packages, as well as our normal range of $1 flies. If you are looking for that present for the fly fisherman of the family, come in and have a look, we also have gift vouchers.

  • Hunters Element Scrub Coat

    We are now stocking the Hunters Element Scrub Coat, a tough outdoor coat built for warmth, while still being thoroughly water-resistant and quiet. Several of our staff members own these and swear by them. The coat has plenty of storage room in its large pockets for gear, and is long enough to keep a dry bum when sitting down. The length of the coat, as well as the fixed hood, means that you will be warm and dry even in the freezing wind and rain. These would normally retail for $129, but we have them on sale for $79 while stocks last. Coats are only available in green at this time.

  • Hunters Element XTR Jacket on special

    We now have the Hunters Element XTR Extreme Hunter jacket, a lightweight anorak style, half-zip jacket which is 100% windproof, 100% waterproof (to 10000 mils) and weighs only 670 grams. The jacket rolls up quickly and easily into the hood, these jackets are a great overall hunting jacket, quiet, lightweight, resistant to the elements and folds easily into a day-pack when not in use. These jackets are normally $399 but we have them now at the special price of $199 while stocks last. Available in green and teak.

  • What are the advantages of the longer fly rods?
    We have just finished making up a 12 foot Sage One fly rod in 4 weight. I have been using one last season and while it is not for every occasion, it certainly has its place.
    Essentially a Spey rod, but ideal for roll casting up smaller rivers and streams where you get long ripples and runs .
    While fishing the Waikaia one bright day, I found that I could stay well off the edge and roll a long line up and across and not spook fish that I would have, had I been closer to the edge with a shorter rod.
    A longer rod is also very handy in overgrown banks where the extra reach is a great help, as well as for switch fishing; the modern term for sapping through pocket water.
    So pop into the shop and have a look at longer rods for those situations when you need extra control, like those described above.
    Right now we have a sale on many of our fly rods, as well as a special offer where we will include a free back-up fly rod with any other rod purchased over $200!
    We look forward to seeing you in the shop, or out on the river.
    Cheers, Selwyn and the team at Centrefire McCarthys

  • issc msr

    Something a bit different. The new SPA 22/17 rifle made by ISSC in Austria, very slick straight-pull toggle bolt action, similar to many biathlon rifles, very fast to cycle the action, comes with a 10 round magazine and a hard case. These rifles are supposed to be very accurate, and .17HMR is a great, flat shooting round. Blued with synthetic stock available for $799.



    Hunter’s Element XTR camo jackets
    These excellent Hunters Element jackets will be arriving shortly at the special price of $199, usually $449, that’s a great windproof, waterproof jacket for less than half price.



    Hunter Safety Lab kits
    The new IRIS sensor and vest from Hunter Safety Lab. An award winning design, the sensor attaches to your rifle scope and lights up and sounds an alarm tone when pointed at the vest as a safety measure. This means youwill be alerted if you are aiming at another hunter wearing a Hunter Safety Lab vest, rather than a deer. Please note that only the vest and patches provided will activate the sensor. The set includes the sensor, scope mount, vest and extra vest activation patches. Disclaimer: no amount of safety gear can be substituted for situational awareness, as a hunter you still must identify your target beyond all doubt when you and fellow hunters are using products such as this. Kits start at $399

  • Centrefire McCarthys shop update

    graniteAttention all fishermen, flounder-ers and whitebaiters! We have the sale of the season; Snowbee Granite waders, top-of-the line neoprene chest waders with reinforced knees, built-in rubber boots, laminated mirco-fleece lining, steel sole shanks in the boots for durability and protection, and a large front pouch. Recommended retail is $299, but we have them for just $149


    Back in stock after we quickly sold out last time; Ridgeline Apache boots, and now even cheaper, recommended retail: $249, down to $149, these have proven a very popular general-purpose boot, waterproof, with Nubuck leather, and insulated inner-sole. We have these in stock in sizes 8-13 currently, but they are sure to sell out fast.

    yak traxAs with every winter we are having trouble keeping Yak Trax on the shelves due to the demand for them. Yak Trax, for those who don’t know, are like snow chains for your shoes; they stretch over the bottom of shoes with metal coils providing grip on snow and ice, the basic Yak Trax are the Walker model, which has proven extremely popular among those living in town and walking on frozen pavement. They are available for $45, with other models also available.

  • Centrefire McCarthys shop update -23/04/2014

    With opening day fast approaching, many duck shooters are stocking up on ammo and other gear, and getting their game-bird licenses. For those who purchase their full season adult licenses from us, we are offering a Ridgeline Roar II jacket, with a recommended retail of $349, for just $149.

    Discounted Shotgun ammo

    We have had some of this ammo lying around for a few years now, and have decided to get rid of it, just in time for duckshooting, most of it is high velocity steel. Prices like this are not likely to be repeated, some of this ammo is at wholesale prices! While stocks last.

    Kønig Beef Jerky

    Recently our staff were given some Kønig beef jerky to taste, and immediately decided to start stocking it. Made right here in Dunedin, this jerky is the best we have tasted and lacks the fat, or greasy after-taste of some other brands of jerky.  97% fat free, with no preservatives, MSG, artificial colour or artificial smoke flavouring. Perfect for a snack in the back country or Mai Mai alike.

  • unnamed_1We have Shimano Waxwing lures back in stock, and these are already selling fast, Tristan (the shop manager) caught the sea-run trout above using a Waxwing lure. We have also heard several success stories from customers who have used this lure. Tristan’s favourite Waxwing is the 3.5″ black chrome variety, which we have plenty of in stock currently.


    These nets are great for fishing from a boat and double as a walking stick for fishing in the backcountry

    We have several Frabill nets in stock, the one Selwyn is demonstrating above would be ideal for those fishing from a boat and need extra reach, as well as those going on fishing expeditions and require a walking stick/wading staff. We have smaller Frabill nets which fold and telescope down to a very manageable size.


    New Windham Weaponry AR-15’s

    Windham Weaponry produce high-quality AR-15 and AR-10 rifles in the same US factory Bushmaster AR’s were made in, before Bushmaster moved production. These Windham rifles are light and handy, and the new A-cat ergonomic grip is very comfortable, allowing for easy manipulation of the safety. We are currently offering them for $2199.